Books on Product Servicing

Click to enlargeComplete RF Technician's Handbook
By Cotter Sayre. Covers current methods and circuits employed in today's RF communications gear. Test and troubleshoot transmitters, transceivers and receivers. Covers reactance, phase angle, logarithms, diodes, passive filters, amplifiers, and distortion.

Click to enlargeElectronic Troubleshooting Guide, 4th Edition
By Tomal & Widmer. Principles of troubleshooting electronic test instruments, electric motors and generators, industrial controls, residential and industrial wiring, radio and television, digital circuits, sequential digital circuits, microprocessor-based systems and biomedical equipment.

Toshiba Medium PLC Primer
By Ed Dropka. Provides an introduction to programming with the EX-PDD250 software common to Toshiba Medium PLC's and is designed for technicians who are not familiar with programmable logic controllers and relay ladder logic. Demonstration disk allows the user to become familiar with basic techniques.

Click to enlargeTroubleshooting & Repair Guide to TV
By Sams Technical Publishing. Complete repair information for all makes of TVs, timesaving comprehensive basic electronics theory and extensive coverage of common TV symptoms.

Troubleshooting & Repairing Camcorders
By Joe Desposito & Keven Garabedian. Learn everything you need to know about the upkeep and repair of video camcorders. Examine camcorder troubleshooting procedures and advanced repair techniques.