CET Study Guides & Practice Tests

All Study Guides & Practice Tests are written to aid in preparation for ISCET Certification Examinations.

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They are not intended as learning or study text such as you would find in a textbook environment. Subject knowledge is assumed.

Study Guides & Practice Tests as offered by ISCET are intended only to familiarize you with the nature and form of the questions that will appear on the actual test, and to be helpful in identifying your strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of the subject being addressed.


Click to enlargeStudy Guide/Practice Test for the ISCET Associate Level Examination
By Leonard E. Bowdre, CET. This Study Guide/Practice Test focuses on the type of electronic theory needed to pass the ISCET Associate-Level Certification Exam. It is designed with the intent of demonstrating to you what level of theory is needed, to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses and to help make you more at ease when sitting for the certification exam. It features a discussion of each section of the certification test, a 25-question, multiple-choice, practice test which is weighted similarly to the real test, an in-depth discussion of each practice question, an answer key, and a self-appraisal table with suggestions, based upon your score, for your consideration. The areas covered are: Basic Math, DC Circuits, AC Circuits, Transistors and Semiconductors, Components and Circuits, Instruments, Tests and Measurements, and Troubleshooting.

Click to enlargeAssociate Practice Test
75 example test questions for the Associate CET exam with multiple choice questions and answers. Questions are taken from the 300-question database used in Item #175, Computerized Associate Practice Test & Study Guide.

Click to enlargeThe CET Study Guide, 4th Edition
By Joe Risse, CET and Sam Wilson, CET. An overall review of basic elements including basic math, AC/DC circuits, components, etc. Satisfies requirements for technicians taking both Associate and Consumer CET exams. Covers basic electronics plus consumer electronics including digital circuits, linear circuits, televisions, VCRs, and test equipment.

Click to enlargeComputerized Associate Practice Test & Study Guide
Software program featuring 350 sample questions for the Associate CET exam. May also be used for ESA Program study. Each problem has a short explanation of how the problem is solved. The student can randomly select 75 problems for a practice test, or review difficult sections repeatedly. Compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista. Windows 95/98/NT version requires monitor resolution of 800x600, 256 colors, 2.4 MB of disk space, and CD-ROM drive. Please note that this CD does not have audio.

Click to enlargeCEA Study Guide
Study Material for Electronics Technicians, By J.L. Antanokos. Originally offered by the Consumer Electronics Association at over twice this price, their Study Guide for the Certified Electronics Associate is equally applicable to the ISCET CET (Certified Electronics Technician). 743 pages crammed full of electronics formulas, pictures and how-to-knowledge every technician needs to use from time to time to wipe away those cobwebs from seldom-used knowledged stored from a long time ago. These were a special buy by ISCET to provide technicians with reference material. LIMITED SUPPLY ... ORDER NOW! WHEN THEY'RE GONE, THEY'RE GONE. IMPORTANT NOTE: This book comes with a CD. The CD is NOT guaranteed to work on newer operating systems, and may not work in your computer. Paperback.

Click to enlargeAssociate CET Study Guide, 5th Edition
By Joe Risse, CET. Expanded 96-page guide for the Associate CET exam. Covers basic math, AC/DC circuits, semiconductors, components and circuits, digital circuits and test instruments.

Click to enlargeGuide to the EPA Refrigerant Handling Certification Exam
By Boyce H. Dwiggins and Edward F. Mahoney. This study guide is designed for those who are preparing to take an EPA approved certification exam. It features good examples of the type of questions to expect on the actual exam, provides test-taking techniques, and outlines strategies that may be used to help correctly answer questions when a test taker is not sure of the correct response. Includes chapters containing info on the test itself, certification, and an appendix. Paper, 218 pages.

Online Study Guide & Practice Test -- Industrial Electronics Certification Exam, No. 180Online Study Guide & Practice Test -- Industrial Electronics Certification Exam, No. 180
A 25-question Study Guide & Practice Test, complete with rationale for each question. Includes diagrams, test evaluation and e-mail responses. Topics include basic solid state and logic devices along with practical instruction on various programmable controllers; power, optoelectronic devices and industrial lasers; power supplies, inverters and converters; operational amplifiers; PLCs and their PID loops, robotics, servo drives and stepper motors; and communications systems as linked to industrial applications. Comes complete with printed version of the Study Guide & Practice Test.

Online Study Guide & Practice Test -- Radar Electronics Certification Exam, No. 179Online Study Guide & Practice Test -- Radar Electronics Certification Exam, No. 179
A 25-question Study Guide & Practice Test, complete with rationale and in-depth theory explanation. Includes diagrams, test evaluation and e-mail responses. Topics include waveguides, microwave devices, resonant cavities, basic radar, Doppler radar, phased array radar, pulse compression radar, over the horizon radar and bistatic radar. Comes complete with printed version of the Study guide & Practice Test.