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Click to enlargeStudy Guide & Practice Test for the ISCET Radar Electronics Certification
By Joseph J. Villademoros, Ph.D., CET, CA. This Study Guide/Practice Test focuses on the type of electronic theory needed to pass the ISCET Journeyman Radar Certification Exam or the FCC Radar Endorsement, Element 8. It is designed with the intent of demonstrating what level of theory is needed, to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses, and to help make you more at ease when sitting for the certification exam. It features an extensive discussion of radar theory, a 25-question, multiple-choice, practice test, a discussion of the rationale of each of the questions, an answer key, and a self-appraisal table with suggestions, based upon your score, for your consideration. The areas covered in this study guide are: Waveguides, Microwave Devices; Resonant Cavities and Magnetrons, Basic Radar Principles, Doppler Radar Principles, Phased Array Radar, Pulse Compression Radar, Over the Horizon Radar and Bistatic Radar.