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Electronics Systems Associate, for electronics certification.<BR>ESA-2, AC Electronics, Self Study, No. ESA-2-LC-236


The ESA covers DC, AC, Semi, Digital, and Extended Digital in 4 parts. Certificates are awarded for passing an examination for each of the 4 parts. This examination is taken in the presence of an ISCET CA or Proctor in your area. Once all 4 certificates are earned the Associate CET is awarded. The ESA program offers advantages to students and instructors that the Associate level CET program does not offer.

Self study courses allow you to access the material on the internet 24/7 ... study at a time available for you anytime. Course available for 150 days, with extensions available for small additional charge. ESA allows progressive testing, making goals more easily reached.

Questions during your study? Within each module is the ability to send an e-mail to ISCET asking any question concerning the study material ... answer is provided within 48 hours (holidays and weekends excepted) at no additional cost.

Examinations are given immediately after covering each section ... better recall of knowledge learned ... better grades.

Certificates awarded for each part of the ESA program. Students finding it necessary to transfer to other schools or seek employment take with them the certifications earned.

ESA certificates are issued for life, but are subject to the registration requirements.

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Provides an excellent way for individuals to study electronics at school or at home and pass the various certifications. Call 800-946-0201 for additional information or questions.