Appliance Servicing - NASTeC

Click to enlargeNASTeC "Self Assessment Examination" and Study Guide
A NASTeC produced publication containing 14 pages with 80 questions similar to those that will be asked on the variuos NASTeC certification exams.

NASTeC is a national certification agency that certifies appliance service technicians in various areas such as washer/dryer, cooking, refrigeration, dishwashers, compactors and basic appliance repair.

Can be used as a study guide for the various tests, as a pre-employment test. Where the NASTeC exam is utilized as a career progression tool, can be used as review material for pending tests to advanced career levels.

Click to enlargeNASTeC Basic Study Guide
Be better prepared with the New ISCET NASTeC study guide. The topics covered will review basic electricity, reading schematic diagrams, using schematic diagrams to develop troubleshooting strategies, gas fuels used in appliances,and electronics in appliances. The study guide contains topics needed to be successful when preparing to take the NASTeC Basic Skills Exam.

Click to enlargeTroubleshooting & Repairing Major Appliances by Eric Kleinert, 3rd Edition
This update of a TAB clasic provides a complete understanding of the operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of all major appliances and air conditioners. The second edition covers the very latest technologies and parts, with an emphasis on gas appliances, microwaves, and air conditioners.

Eric Kleinert (Lake Worth, FL) is a professional with 34 years of experience in the major appliance, air conditioning, refrigeration, and computer electronics service industry. Currently, he is a manager for an HVAC/R Contractor. Previously he owned and operated a major appliance and air conditioning service corporation. Asn an Instructor for the Palm Beach County School District, Kleinert taught adults aspects of preventive, diagnostic service, and techniques which enhanced their ability to evaluate major appliances and air conditioning. Chapters include Selecting, Purchasing and Installing Major Home Appliances; Safety Precautions; Tools Needed for Installation and Repair; Basic Techniques; Electricity; Appliance Parts; Automatic Dishwashers; Garbage Disposers; Electric Water Heaters; Automatic Washers; Automatic Dryers; Electric Ranges and Ovens; refrigerators and Freezers; and Automatic Ice Makers.

Click to enlargeGuide to the EPA Refrigerant Handling Certification Exam
By Boyce H. Dwiggins and Edward F. Mahoney. This study guide is designed for those who are preparing to take an EPA approved certification exam. It features good examples of the type of questions to expect on the actual exam, provides test-taking techniques, and outlines strategies that may be used to help correctly answer questions when a test taker is not sure of the correct response. Includes chapters containing info on the test itself, certification, and an appendix. Paper, 218 pages.